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5 Flavors. (Featuring Jo LuQ')

Five Flavors:

2️⃣Figuroa Philly
3️⃣The hat
4️⃣Fresh and Meaty


At the top of the year #teamILoveLAGirls had a chance to hang out with LA bred DJ Crew @DiscoAirlines.

In the midst of talking about everything from quantum physics and break dancing, a interesting topic was what were some of our favorite burger spots here in our very own backyard. Which brings us to today, we have our very own founder Jo LuQ' with his 5 Favorite Flavors in LA County...oh and cheers.

Brolly Hut:
"Doesn't matter if your in the mood for a Breakfast Burrito or order the fries with a mountain of cheese, pastrami and chil stacked on top; You cannot lose with this place. Located in Inglewood this is a favorite with most locals."

Figueroa Philly:
"Heaven between two slices of bread is an understatement. Figueroa Philly is a go to for Cheesteak aficionados. Fresh ingredients and large portions of steak and cheese makes stand out from the competition. Plus the location is perfect, right across the street from the coliseum."

The Hat:
"This has been one of my favorites since childhood. These can be tricky to find at times because there are only a dozen sprinkled through out LA County. But trust me, this world famous pastrami, and gravy smothered greatness is definitely worth the trip. The caveat being that they specialize in pastrami but they also have a wide choice of options. (PS I love options!!! I need a place I can have breakfast and my hangover recovery meals at!!) You can't go wrong with a burger and fries, or you can even order a ham and cheese sandwich fresh from the grill. There's a reason that they have been around since 1951."

Fresh and Meaty:
"My wife actually introduced me to this place while we were dating and it's been a favorite since. This is what LA would taste like if it was a burger. And as much as I love their burgers, I love the tacos even more!!!"

"And then there of course is Connals. This is a gem in the heart of the hills of my hometown. The crazy thing here is, you can't go wrong with anything on the I'm serious. The Taco Burger is something to raise a eyebrow or two, but will tentalize tastebuds tremendously just the same. Make sure to give them a try.

" I can't stress enough how much you should really take time out to check out some of these places and then come back and tell us your feedback, or even better send us some of your Five Favorite Flavors. Your welcome in advance."

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