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Spring 2019 Press Release

It feels like yesterday we announced Season 2 of our Black out Hoodie Collection in January. And here we are in Spring ready for our Next Big thing. Let’s rewind a little bit. Last year we introduced a very limited edition I love Inglewood girls and guys in our iconic red and black, and we introduced a new green colorway for the first time at Accelerated Radio with A Plus and Big Homie Quan. It was a smash and created buzz amongst our fans and made a great impression on the city of Inglewood.  I Love LA Girls vision is centered around the the County of Los Angeles. There are dozens of cities that make up LA County, each one has its own unique history and personality. Some are known for their musical talents, some for political achievements, some even have parades that no other place in the world offer. But as ambassadors of our home we felt it was important that we gave people a tour of where we live and play. Inglewood was the perfect start and made sense, with a population of over 100,00 people and home of the Los Angeles Rams. Inglewood is also the hub of a lot of upcoming talent so much so, we dedicated an entire new colorway for the city inspired by the Inglewood High Sentinels. The city is also home to the famous Randy Donuts which we recently had a chance to visit while they retrofitted  the entire shop and menu for the LA Rams in collaboration with Nike in celebration of their recent trip to the Super Bowl. If you missed it check our Instagram feed for the highlights as it was great to be a guest at this one time pop up in the city, and for the record the yellow and blue custard filled donuts were delicious. 

Inglewood will be the core focus for our brand for most of spring, make sure you ask your local retailers about our clothing where you shop. We appreciate your SUPPORT in advance. 



Details have been very sparse coming from the lab these days. However our lifestyle snap backs still remain one of the most sought after items within our catalog. Expect a new colorway on the horizon to complement the Inglewood collection this spring. 


Along with new releases with your continued support we are committing to enhancing our overall customer experience. Everything from packaging to coverage of upcoming special events and discounts from our new brand ambassadors EJ the DJ and Lauren Los Angeles. 


Stay tuned for more details and news regarding everything I Love LA Girls by following us on Twitter, or Instagram. Feel free to connect with us as well on Facebook.

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