• SOS. Save Summer18 Press Release

    Today I Love LA Girls Fashionables continue with their summer releases and more surprises than ever as they kick off their one day vow to SAVE THE SUMMER.  It started with the relaunch of everyone’s favorite item: The I Love LA Girls Yoga Pants which were released yesterday in black and a brand ...
  • Limited Edition Lifestyle Hoodies sell out before release.

    For the past year our supporters were more vocal than ever about us releasing some winter wear. It’s somewhat of a dilemma that’s plagued our brand being that the weather here in So Cal doesn’t feel as cold as it has lately. Typically we design our premium lifestyle gear to cater to warmer temp...
  • 7 Benefits of Gratitude

    Sometimes we lose sight on the things that we have and take them for granted. In today’s age where we are taught that more is better, sometimes we need to be reminded that everything we need is right here, right now.