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About Us

I Love LA Girls is a hip trendy, fashionable brand with more than a catchy name. Originally a song written by Los Angeles songwriter Jo LuQ' which was inspired by the beautiful women and sun in Southern California. Jo then went a step further and designed a dynamic logo and the rest was history. His mission was one thing and that was to specifically capture one thing that everybody loves about LA; the women. With that said , it doesn't matter if your from the busy streets of Chicago and New York or a kid in Tokyo or France. You can be Proud and Inspired by LA Girls. Because lets be honest everybody loves an LA Girl!!!


We have limited edition releases that drop pretty frequently. If by chance you are looking for something  that you are not able to find in our catalog, please drop a quick message below or email us at with a request and picture of the item and we will do our very best to get you the item. No guarantees but it’s definitly worth a try. Thank you for choosing I Love LA Girls Fashionables.