About Us


I Love LA Girls Fashionables was launched in 2015 with just one shirt and one design. Then in a matter of years grew to an entire collection of high quality, lifestyle products that inspire

people everywhere. To be proud of themselves, others, there place of origin, or current

location. When Founder Jo LuQ created the original design, he immediately wanted the brand to have sustainability and scalability. By ensuring that the brand was not just a novelty item, but novelty and lifestyle all in one. Now within a year of the launch, several colorways were added to our women’s and men’s tees, that brought a vibrance and electricity to the brand.This quickly established an entry level piece to the multifaceted buying public and the massive tourist population. This allowed us to gauge customer interest and buying patterns. The following year was when I Love LA Girls Fashionables targeted various marketing demographics through online efforts, radio appearances, and events. After the successful launch of ilovelagirls.com we were able to capitalize off a wider range of fashion driven buyers. So, with an increased customer base, it gave us the ability to introduce I Love LA Guys, the Palm Heart Lifestyle and Signature Collections.


Now one of the most unique qualities of the brand, is its ability to scale. The original vision of the brand was built on a concept centered around The City of Los Angeles, but just like the shirt, this was only the beginning. Once trademarked, the brand became more flexible in its product offerings and business endeavors. We partnered with collaborators just to show howwell the design can assimilate to any collaborative effort. One of our proud and successful partnerships was with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This allowed I Love LA GirlsFashionables to raise awareness for cancer, with a one of a kind special release, for a yearly 2017 campaign. In 2018 the brand went even further by establishing a business to business model by offering print services to businesses, individuals, groups, and partners.


We are excited for what the future holds as we are

prepared to offer pieces that recognize other various cities, states, and regions as quoted from our CEO/CFO Mede Strong.


In closing, this brand was created to not only empower women, but to invoke a sense of pride about

where we all come from or where we all dream to go. Therefore, no matter what race, color,

creed you are, our Mission is for you to Be Proud and Be Inspired through I Love LA Girls



We have limited edition releases that drop pretty frequently. If by chance you are looking for something  that you are not able to find in our catalog, please drop a quick message below or email us at biz@ilovelagirls.com with a request and picture of the item and we will do our very best to get you the item. No guarantees but it’s definitly worth a try. Thank you for choosing I Love LA Girls Fashionables.

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